About Lattelecom

To invent something new and to turn ideas into reality there must be someone who believes:  Yes! It’s possible! Yes! We will succeed!  Yes! It will make the world look better!

Yes!  is an achievement.  Yes! is a result.  Yes!  is that which we see. In everyday life, however, each Yes! is surrounded by multiple No’s which is that which we do not see, and that which is not said out loud. These are the No principles that we must not breach.

No giving up. No surrender.  No accepting any limitations. No resting on our laurels.  No stopping at that what is achieved. No choosing easy way out.  As the reverse of a coin, as day and night, as anti gravity muscles, these No‘s continuously drive us forward. We regard them as fuel that makes the engine run. We regard them as steps to be climbed towards reaching the goal.

Our Yes! is neither a surrender nor acceptance of some opinion.  Our Yes! leads towards future success. It is a tool with which to turn any idea into reality, to enable growth and to provide unlimited opportunities.

All that we do is to prove:  with Lattelecom everything is possible.

  • We customise technologies, converting them into possibilities;
  • We inspire and encourage customers to change;
  • We contribute to quality of life;
  • We enable business growth.

Our mission  

Our mission is to provide people with greater possibilities for modern life. We turn people’s needs into modern solutions to ensure ease of use and maximum comfort for customers.

Our values

  • Respect. Respect yourself, clients and colleagues. We respect our clients and find the best solution for everyone. Every client individually, as well as the future of the state in general is important for us.
  • Trust. It has to be built for years and can be lost in seconds. We fulfil our promises and take care that our services are simple to use and stable, our service – always available, responsive and trustworthy.
  • Persistence. Be determined. Reach for the best! We are improving and realising future-oriented ideas persistently. Only together can we become the best in the world. Everything becomes possible!