Project name Description
Project IT KVAP Lattelecom Technology, as Latvian IT Cluster partner, is in the process of carrying out the European Regional Development Fund co-financed Project  "IT KVAP  – Information Technology Cluster's Embassies, Academy and Platforms" ( Cluster Development Project). 

For full project description click this button pdf-ikona  (information available in Latvian).
NATO Summit Supply of integrated electronic communications solutions implemented jointly by all Groups companies – project management, supply of services, installation of communications networks and the relevant computer hardware and Call Centre services.
Sea and Coastline Surveillance System Launch of Latvia’s coastline surveillance system implemented in association with NATO and Spainbased IT company Indra Sistemas S.A. The system will enable proactive and effective identification of accidents which, by default, will allow to increase the country’s safety awareness with regard to quality management of the naval fleet. 
Biometric Passport Project  In 2007 Lattelecom Group participated in the process of implementing quality shiftover to EU biometric passport system in Latvia through supplying technically advanced and complex IT solution due for use by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs upon installation of which each individual passport operators workstation has been duly accommodated with the relevant software. 
Embassies of the Republic of Latvia Integrated turnkey solution  – development of superior quality communications and IT infrastructure enabling top level security 24 hours a day, and providing interface linking all embassies of the Republic of Latvia located all over the world. 
Culture Information Systems Installation of computer hardware and Internet services throughout the country’s libraries; supply of highly complex integrated IT solution by which to ensure the relevant infrastructure enabling quality use of the library’s IS. 
State Employment Agency Quality development and provision of labour market support services and market analysis; software development; installation of LiveLink system; Data Centre services; installation of Apvārsnis and Microstrategy systems.
State Social Insurance Agency (VSSA), AC Diena, 
Contact Centre Platform rental service by which to enable the client to ensure quality management of the existing customer care processes and standards, to enable quality cost optimisation, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to allow to more effectively deploy the existing resources.
State Service of Statistics of Ukraine IS Prototype Testing Pilot Project by which to ensure the system’s conformity with the State Service of Statistics of Ukraine application forms and organisational structure. All information concerning the data management system and system interfaces, user and administration documents is available in Russian.
World Ice Hockey Championship  Highly complex integrated solution provided in 2006 to enable quality development of the relevant communications and IT infrastructure, data exchange and information services during the Riga World Ice Hockey that took place in the Arena Riga. 
SOS Children’s  Village Quality development and installation of external and internal telecommunications network and TV and computer network due for use by the Valmiera SOS Children’s Village.
State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia Installation of internal and external telecommunications and security networks, access systems, video surveillance and safety systems, and power network for use by the Border Guard units located at Customs Control Point Terehova, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Jurmala, and the New Border Guard Navy Base in in Bolderaja.
National Armed Forces of the Republic of Latvia Project design and installation of top security telecommunications network connections (wireless DECT, wireless data transmission systems) and cable network.
SIA Riga Catering 
Massive internal network modernisation works which have greatly increased the efficiency of customer care services provided by international airlines, as the system enables super fast ordering of catering services.