In the end of 2013, Lattelecom became the main cooperation partner of the Positivus festival. This cooperation has provided the festival with several valuable technological additions, allowing its quality to raise. Positivus is the first festival in the world that has its own TV channel – 360TV Positivus.

From July 15th till July 17th, 2016, more than 200 000 Latvian households followed the Baltics' largest music celebration - the Positivus Festival via Live streams from Salacgriva on the 360TV and 360TV Positivus channels. As part of the 2016 Positivus Festivalthe Lattelecomcinema hosted the premiere of KvantaKods - a documentary by Latvian director Santa Skutele.

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Latvian National Opera

In 2015 Lattelecom became the key supporter of the Latvian National Opera (LNO) for the next three years in order to promote availability of the LNO repertoire for a larger society using the opportunities provided by technologies. Cooperation with the Latvian National Opera is a logical continuation of Lattelecom supporting significant cultural events in Latvia that was commenced when Lattelecom became the partner of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival and supporting Rīga as the European Capital of Culture.

In honour of the Rīga Opera Festival, the TV channel 360TV Kultūra returned to the Lattelecom TV and this time it was dedicated especially to the opera and was created in cooperation with the Latvian National Opera. TV audience was able to enjoy films on the classical music stagings and personalities, overvies of the world's best opera houses, as well as discussions on culture and its interaction with the processes in the society. Moderators of 360TV Kultūra broadcasts – the conductor Jānis Ozols, TV personality Marta Selecka and cinema researcher Dita Rietuma. Live broadcast of the Gala concert of the Rīga Opera Festival was provided as the final event on the channel.


TEDxRiga is a local movement representing TED ideas in Latvia and promoting exchange of ideas on the national level, complying with the TED moto – Ideas Worth Spreading. Using the best TED conference practice, once a year the main conference is organised and during the year several thematic events are held. TEDx program of events consists of specifically selected speakers and video recordings of TED speeches chosen by organisers, informal format is observed, allowing visitors of the conference to meet the speakers to create new ideas and work.

Lattelecom supports TEDxRīga, providing an opportunity to experience the event for a broad audience on Lattelecom TV – on 360TV TEDX channel.

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"Connect, Latvia!"

The computer learning project for seniors "Connect, Latvia!" is being implemented since 2008-2009.academic year and has become the largest initiative of social responsibility in Latvia that helps the participants of trainings to become part of the modern society. 

We would like the Latvian seniors to get more involved in the social events, therefore by year 2015, we would like to take a significant step and transfer implementation of the initiative to seniors themselves – the Alliance of the Active Seniors of Rīga. Thereby seniors take even more significant part in the project “Connect, Latvia!” by planning and providing trainings, and, of course, by acquiring knowledge.

Anyone has access to the "Mācies pats" educational program in digital form. Also, at no extra charge, Lattelecom's Interactive TV video-service offers specifically designed training films for seniors that will help them take the first steps in mastering the computer. And also, get free support and advice by calling 67201777.

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Lattelecom Riga Marathon

Lattelecom has been the supporter of the Lattelecom Rīga Marathon since 2008 and currently we have become the main partner of the Lattelecom Rīga Marathon.

By promoting development of the event, we have improved the technologal solutions used in the marathon, as well as thanks to the team work of Lattelecom TV, we were able to ensure that the Lattelecom Rīga Marathon is the first marathon in the world that has its own TV channel – 360TV Maratons – a unique, qualitative and useful content for all runners and fans.

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Rīga 2014

In 2014, Rīga was the European Capital of Culture and Lattelecom has been the partner of the foundation "Rīga 2014" since 2012, and has actively supported the project providing modern technological solutions and involving in improvement of contents of events.

In 2014, inhabitants and guests of Rīga could discover the city anew and view it even more splendid and richer in events. For this special occasion, Lattelecom provided everybody with an opportunity to use WiFi points in the whole city free of charge, during the events of Rīga 2014 and in the culture summer house in the Esplanade. Moreover, Lattelecom ensured open-air cinema evenings in the Esplanade all summer long. In the end of the year, Lattelecom TV audience was provided with a unique TV channel dedicated to culture – Kultūras 360TV.

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