Lattelecom supports

As a socially responsible company, Lattelecom strives to promote implementation of multi-purpose national support and charity projects in Latvia.

Growth of the Group’s companies has enabled the building up of target funds to be deployed on annual basis to support such public activities which are in line with Lattelecom Group key values – Customer oriented; Understandable; Reliable.

Lattelecom support project priority areas are: culture, education, sports and social responsibility. These priorities do not, however, exclude Lattelecom from possible participation in any other project.

Lattelecom supports

We support projects which are aimed at as large a target audience as possible and are oriented towards development, pioneering new ideas in the specific industry sector.   

In evaluating projects, preference is given to those which produce measurable results with a possibility to establish long-term cooperation, as well as those which can be linked to the company's marketing activities.

Lattelecom does not support:

 1. Religious or political projects or organisations.

2. Activities by which to promote gambling or use of tobacco or alcohol products.

3. Participation by individuals in any project.



Criteria against which Lattelecom evaluates project applications

  • The project must improve general understanding about the area of business in which Lattelecom operates, focusing particularly on information technologies and telecommunications sector;
  • Particular emphasis is placed on the encouragement of  projects which demonstrate innovation or excellence in any of the existing Lattelecom support policy priority areas;
  • The results of the project must be measurable to provide the possibility to establish long-term co-operation.