Benefits programme "Lattelecom Plus"

Along with reliable workplace environment and guaranteed remuneration, the company’s employees can also enjoy the benefits offered within the framework of the Employee Benefits Programme "Lattelecom Plus".

Each employee, within the limits of the stated amount, can select the benefits most preferred by him or her, and to use these benefits at the time of their convenience. The company offers a wide range of company paid corporate benefits – be it an additional day off, or the relevant training, health insurance or children’s books - enabling the employees to select the benefits most suitable to their needs and requirements.

 "Lattelecom Plus" Programme has been developed in collaboration with the company’s employees, and is subject to regular upgrade.




We are active

The company provides various support to enhance active lifestyle:  we have our own ice hockey, basketball and volleyball teams.

We also support orienteering, organise paintball competitions, provide support to skiers and ice fishermen, and organise summer sports games, and a winter party.  We also actively participate in the Nordea Riga Marathon.


We keep learning and teach others

The companies have drawn up an all-inclusive training and career growth programme, within the framework of which the expertise and skills of the company’s employees and managers is strengthened, enhanced and upgraded which is achieved using internal mentors.

The programme provides a great opportunity not only to build the existing skills and knowledge, but to also act as a mentor and coach and conduct the relevant training yourself.

Within the framework of the Training Programme we aim to:

  • enhance the professional and individual growth of the employees;
  • share the experience and knowhow with our colleagues.

Join us to have an extensive choice of career growth opportunities!