Lattelecom regulatory environment

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Lattelecom Electronic Communications Service Provision Regulations

pdf-ikona  Agreement on Electronic Communications Services

pdf-ikona  Appendix to the agreement (A side)

pdf-ikona  Appendix to the agreement (B side)

pdf-ikona  Supply Helio vTV (Virszemes TV) general rules

pdf-ikona  Hardware Deed of Conveyance



pdf-ikona  Lattelecom Broadband Internet Bona Fide Usage, and Limitation

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom Electronic Communications Service Usage Regulations

pdf-ikona  Public Electronic Communications Network Termination Point Parametric Interface


Privacy policy, service usage regulations and data-processing

external link symbol  Lattelecom privacy policy

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom service usage regulations

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom group customer’s contact person and event visitor data-processing rules


Code of conduct

Lattelecom has developed the Code of Conduct for the provision of TV content services and placement of audiovisual advertisements and binding guidelines according to which the Lattelecom Group companies create TV content services and place audiovisual advertisements in the Lattelecom media channels. The Lattelecom Group companies, when creating content services and placing audiovisual advertisements, shall comply with the mission, vision and values of the Lattelecom Group.

pdf-ikona  The Code of Conduct of the Lattelecom Group is applicable to the provision of information content services and placement of audiovisual advertisements


Universal Service obligations

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom Report and Auditors Report concerning the Net Cost 2017 of the Universal Service Obligations


Cost calculation and attribution system

pdf-ikona  Cost Calculation and Attribution System Description 2017

pdf-ikona  Auditors Report concerning the Conformity with the Cost Calculation and Attribution System 2017


Regulatory enactments governing the energy sector

external link symbol  Energy Law

external link symbol  Electricity Market Law

external link symbol  Cabinet Regulation No. 50 "Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Electricity"

external link symbol  The full list of regulatory enactments


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pdf-ikona  Lattelecom fee payable for relocation of the customers number

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom’s Reference Offer For Unbundled Access To Local Loop, Subloop And Terminating Segment

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom’s Reference Offer For Access To Associated Facilities

pdf-ikona  Interconnect proposal

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom’s Bit-stream Access Reference Offer

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom’s Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Ethernet Leased Lines

pdf-ikona  Lattelecom’s Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Analogue and Digital Leased Lines


* Information available in Latvian