• In 2015, Citrus Solutions undertook to carry out so far one of the largest indoor network construction projects, engaging in the construction of the new building of VSIA Paula Stradiņa Klīniskā universitātes slimnīca.
  • It has been engaged in the development of the heating, ventilation and conditioning (HVC) business direction, carrying out a number of significant projects.
  • In 2015, Citrus Solutions built the first smart office in the Baltics (Lattelecom's smart office Metropole), carrying out all the necessary works for reconstruction.
  • It expanded the range of the services offered by it, engaging in the area of hotel development, acquiring, and implementing new solutions, such as installation of Home Entertainment systems.
  • It carried on work on objects of strategic significance, building new, innovative and intelligent safety systems and building infrastructures at the objects of national defence and of critical significance.
  • It completed the important Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) project. Citrus Solutions carried out the design and building works for the construction of the broadband optical network infrastructure in Vidzeme and Kurzeme. During the project, around 510 km of underground cables have been laid.
  • In 2015, it started work on the design of the new Lattelecom data centre, with Citrus Solutions acting as the overall designer.


  • Citrus Solutions has added to its wide range of services offered heating, ventilation and conditioning (HVC) products, which constitute an essential part of building engineering systems.
  • Citrus Solutions is making its first big steps in the HVC direction, working on CTCO office building, in which the designing of ventilation, cooling, and heating systems as well as the construction of ventilation and cooling systems has begun. It also managed the energy efficiency project of Lattelecom's building at Citadeles Street, which included thermal insulation works, as well as the reconstruction of the ventilation and cooling systems.
  • In 2014, Citrus Solutions completed one of the most challenging projects ever implemented in the Baltic States, i.e., at the construction of the main office of the State Revenue Service (SRS), assuming the responsibility for the construction of the multilevel optical and copper data network in the new building, as well as for the design and construction of next-generation security systems.
  • In 2014, the Design Department of Citrus Solutions has grown significantly, as more professionals have joined for the company to be able to take on increasingly complicated and challenging design projects.


  • On 24 April 2013, the newly-built Lattelecom data centre Dattum was launched. The centre has been designed and constructed by Citrus Solutions, and is regarded as the most secure data centre in the Baltics and Northern Europe. Data centre Dattum has been awarded the TIER III operation certificate which provides greater possibilities for advancing Latvia's competitiveness at international level. The TIER certificate is a set of security standards established with regard to project design, construction and maintenance of data centres. This data centre tier proves conformity of data centre operations with world level security standards.
  • In 2011 Citrus Solutions drew up a technical project within the framework of the Climate Change Financial Instrument Project (KPFI), aiming to promote the Riga Food Producers Vocational School infrastructure renovation and energy network efficiency works. The project works were commenced early in January 2012 and continued until April 2013.  Within the framework of the Project Citrus Solutions carried out project design and installation of all low current systems, BMS and power networks.
  • In 2013 Citrus Solutions drew up the relevant technical projects and carried out engineering system installation works to meet the needs of multiple military sites in Latvia (e.g. sites located in Kadaga and Olaine). Citrus Solutions has furnished the radar tower of the Lielvarde aviation base with the external and internal low current systems, installing also the relevant security systems due for use by the aviation base. In addition, Citrus Solutions has installed communication ducts due for use within the territory of the airport of the said aviation base.
  • In 2013 two agreements have been entered into with the Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) regarding the fibre optic network project design and construction works to be carried out in Vidzeme and Kurzeme.  Project design and construction of external networks is regarded as a serious challenge by any specialist engaged under the relevant project, as superior quality technical project needs to be drawn up within a very short time, and covering a huge territory (total project construction size – around 600 km).


  • The work on the development of Lattelecom fibre optic network has been ongoing.
  • The SJSC Riga International Airport Operative Management Centre’s security system has been installed, which, given the deployment of the latest security system technologies, is acknowledged the most up-to-date system in the Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Reconstruction of the Latvijas Dzelzceļš Rēzekne railway station’s distribution point has been completed.
  • Austrumlatvija Creative Service Centre has been accommodated in Rēzekne.
  • Radiation monitoring system has been installed at Free Port of Ventspils.
  • Low current, fibre optic, lighting, video surveillance and traffic light system networks have been installed within the framework of Atbrīvošanas aleja Reconstruction Project in Rēzekne.


  • Commencing from November, the services which were provided by Citrus Solutions for and on behalf of Lattelecom, and which were connected with the approval of projects and topographic plans, drafting of technical terms and issue of excavation work permits, are once again taken over by Lattelecom.
  • Citrus Solutions joins the Strategic Partnership for Construction Development as an Associated Member.
  • Latvijas Dzelzceļš security certification is awarded to Citrus Solutions, which enables the company to carry out works within the territory of railway systems.
  • Citrus Solutions accommodates the State Revenue Service’s (VID) new office building through carrying out low current network project design works.
  • In association with SIA Arčers, the company carries out low current network installation works enabling operation of the RigaInternationalAirport radiation gate
  • Citrus Solutions sets up a Project Design Group, focusing on project design as a separate business line.
  • A service agreement is entered into concerning the installation of low current network, fibre optic network, video surveillance systems and traffic lights within the framework of Atbrīvošanas aleja, Rēzekne site reconstruction works.
  • Citrus Solutions launches maintenance services which are designed for use by the company’s customers.
  • A service agreement is entered into with ATU Turizm Isletmeciligi A.S. concerning the installation of low current networks in all RigaInternationalAirport tax-free shops. 


  • SIA Citrus Solutions participates in the process of establishing Board for Sustainable Construction.
  • In 2010, Citrus Solutions installs fibre optic network accommodating 3814 households.
  • Low current network and BMS is installed for use by the shopping centre Galleria Rīga.
  • Citrus Solutions enters into an agreement with SIA Liepājas Enerģija concerning the installation of heat meter reading system, which is regarded as the first major energy efficiency transaction conducted in 2010.   
  • Citrus Solutions enters into a major agreement with JSC Rīgas Siltums concerning the installation and maintenance of the company’s heat meter reading and data collection network.
  • Citrus Solutions undertakes the installation, integration and modernisation of the RigaInternationalAirport video surveillance systems.
  • In association with Lattelecom, the company conducts a feasibility study and undertakes the installation of the internal network linking 128 Ministry of Justice sites.


  • Citrus Solutions carries out complex electric installation works within the framework of Daugavpils Sewerage Treatment System Modernisation Project.
  • A new and IP based video surveillance system is installed for use by the Natural History Museum of Latvia – one of the first technology projects of such scale implemented in Latvia.
  • Telecommunications, security system and electric installation works are carried out at the Latvia’s StateForestsAdministrationBuilding situated in Rēzekne Region.
  • In the latter part of the year the company enters into an agreement with Latvija Statoil concerning the upgrade and modernisation of the existing video surveillance system throughout 62 petrol stations located all over Latvia, and maintenance of the security systems so modernised.    


  • In June, Citrus Solutions installs the fire detection and alarm system, public address (PA) system and security alarm system due for use by Allaži Sport Complex.
  • In March, Citrus Solutions commences the JūrmalaCity data transmission network and video surveillance system project design works. The new system is due for installation in the vicinity of all educational establishments – schools and nurseries – of the JūrmalaCity, as well as in all public areas, including in the area close to the Dzintari Concert Hall, and nearby all water rescue stations.  
  • In February, Lattelecom enters into an agreement with Indra Sistemas S.A., the leading Spanish IT company, concerning the launch of Latvia’s coastal surveillance system which is one of the most modern systems used by the NATO Member States. The Project is implemented jointly by the Lattelecom Group companies Citrus Solutions, Lattelecom Technology and Lattelecom.


  • On 6 June, Citrus Solutions holds a roundtable discussion “Opportunities to be Enjoyed, and Experience Gained by Latvian Businesses in Lithuania’s Market” , the participants of which negotiated the existing business environment in Lithuania, if compared to the situation in Latvia, and the Government’s role and possibilities in promoting the activities of Latvian entrepreneurs in Lithuania’s market, as well as sharing the experience in conducting business in this country, and making predictions as to future growth potential of the Lithuanian market.


  • In December, Citrus Solutions opens a branch office in Lithuania.


  • On 1 September, Citrus Solutions commences its business operation.
  • On 28June, Citrus Solutions is established. The company was established on the basis of the Lattelecom Network Maintenance Division as a subsidiary owned 100% by Lattelecom. Citrus Solutions key areas of operation are regarded to be telecommunications infrastructure construction and maintenance services.