• In 2015, Lattelecom BPO continued to grow, opening call centres in Rēzekne, with the capacity of up to 40 employees, and in Jelgava and Daugavpils, with up to 10 employees.
  • Following the latest trends, a new version of the 1188 information service web page was developed. It was customised for using and browsing on mobile devices, and its content was significantly expanded.



  • In 2014, the principal activities of Lattelecom BPO and events were related to the review of its overall corporate strategy and the defining of strategic business directions for the forthcoming three years.
  • In 2014, a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution helping to streamline and improve the company's customer service was implemented.
  • A new business fee profile and card design was developed and implemented; the email marketing service was launched. In 2014, the company started to provide a new document and invoice processing service to external customers, too.
  • Aimed at the expanding of services, a new branch was opened at Rezekne with a view to further improving the services of the Contact Centre.



  • In November, Inquiry Service 1188 mobile application Android is launched which is targeted at users of mobile phones.
  • In October, a new service is launched – Route Planner ("Maršruta plānotājs"), which provides access to the routes and timetables of domestic buses and trains, and city's public transport, thus making travelling around Latvia more convenient through taking advantage of the benefits offered by modern technology.
  • In July, Inquiry Service 1188 mobile application is designed which is targeted at users of Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), and allows to easily learn the latest information about companies and domestic bus routes in Latvia, as well as about entertainment events.
  • In February, a new service is launched which provides the opportunity to buy tickets to domestic bus services via Home Page and using mobiles.



  • Several new Inquiry Service 1188 products - Internet inquiry services - have been designed and rolled out, and Inquiry Service 1188 has been positioned as the main provider of information  services supporting many major scale organisations and events, including the Riga City Festival (Rīgas svētki), Festival of Lights "Staro Rīga" (Beaming Riga), local government elections, Positivus Festival, Nordea Rīga Marathon, etc.
  • A new section is designed  – Coupons and Discounts ("Kuponi un atlaides"), which enables the users of 1188 Business Catalogue to trade their products and services through releasing attractive offerings and price discounts.


  • Several Internet inquiry services have been designed and rolled out under the brand name of Inquiry Service 1188, such as the events guide which is designed so as to meet the needs of various events, and the Positivus Festival virtual map.
  • The company has designed a unique search system – the first smart search system in Latvia and the Baltics – which within a few seconds allows to get direction to, and to find the relevant sites, institutions or companies situated in the vicinity of the user. Having sent a SMS with the word KUR (WHERE) to 1188 the user will receive a SMS advising of 20 sites situated in the vicinity of the user, which will be grouped by category.
  • In September, a new 1188 Home Page is designed.
  • In March, Inquiry Service 1188 mobile Home Page version is launched.


  • In March, the first interactive map in Latvia - Street View - is published on the Inquiry Service 1188 homepage.
  • In December, based on the Lattelecom Supervisory Council decision, a new subsidiary – BPO Baltic – is established as a Lattelecom BPO spinoff through splitting off the payroll accounting, debt administration and document processing business lines.


  • In the early part of the year Lattelecom BPO commences the provision of full cycle accounting services to the parent company Lattelecom, thereby enabling Lattelecom to attain more than 30% high cost efficiency.
  • In the latter part of the year the company commences the upgrading of the Contact Centre customer care processes.


  • A new Inquiry Service1188  product is launched – SMS Inquiries.
  • A new business line is launched  - payroll accounting and personnel administration.
  • It’s been for three years that Lattelecom BPO has operated as a separate Lattelecom Group company.
  • On 18 August, a new Lattelecom Inquiry Service 1188 product is launched, enabling the user to submit queries and receive 1188 inquiries in the format of a SMS.
  • In December, Lattelecom BPO is listed the 3rd best contact centre in the prestigious contact center competition  „Contact Center World in the category of large contact centres „Best Large Contact Center 250+”.The competition was held in the USA and gathered contact centres from all over the world.
  • In May, Lattelecom BPO enters into a cooperation agreement with Logica, one of the leading IT and business outsourcing vendors in Europe, to jointly enable the exchange of e-invoices between the companies which are Lattelecom clients and situated in the Baltics and the global companies – the Logica clients – which are situated in other world countries.
  • As of April, Inquiry Service 1188provides information about more than 500 000 companies in Russia using the Russian telecommunications operator’s MGTS database.
  • On 8 March, 118 days prior to the National Song and Dance Festival, the official National Song and Dance Festival Inquiry Service 1188 is launched.


  • A new business line –document digitalisation - is launched, providing the first custom tailored document processing solution.
  • The employees of the Riga branch office are moved over to new office building at G.Astras iela 2, Riga, which later is declared as the legal address of the company.  Later, at the competition „Gada Būve 2007 (Building of the Year 2007) the newly refurbished building is nominated the 3rd in the category of the „Refurbished Building”.
  • Commencing from 19 September, Inquiry Service 1188 provides information about 27 world’s countries, including also the USA and Australia.
  • On 15 August, the Lattelecom Group companies Lattelecom BPO and Lattelecom Technology, in association with Datorikas institūts DIVI, accommodate the online Riga New Theatre ticket booking system through creating a section on the Inquiry Service 1188homepage.
  • As of 1 June, Inquiry Service 1188 provides information services covering not only Latvia, but also Lithuania and Estonia.


  • On 1 October 2006, without interrupting provision of the existing services, Lattelecom BPO carries out major technology platform modernisation works which enable the company to offer new services to its customers.
  • On 18 September, Inquiry Service 1188celebrates the 10th anniversary.
  • On 18 May, C1 is renamed to SIA Lattelecom BPO.


  • On 8 December, the phone number of the Inquiry Service is successfully changed from 118 to 1188.
  • On 11 July, Lattelecom BPO is established (originally named SIA C1) through spinning off the Contact Centre Division from parent company Lattelecom.
  • Lattelecom BPO has undergone business transformation through changing the status of the leading information services provider in Latvia to the major customer care service provider in the Baltics.
  • On 4 March, the latest regional branch office of the company is established in Ventspils.


  • On 18 May, the Contact Centre 1188 is awarded the title of „The Best Latvian Brand of the Year”.


  • On 5 October, the Rēzekne branch office is established.


  • On 22 August, the Liepāja branch office is established.
  • On 5 January, the Rīga branch office is integrated into the Contact Centre Division.


  • On 18 September, the first branch office of the company is set up in Cēsis as Inquiry Service 118.