• In 2014, Lattelecom Technology carried out a number of major ICT and IT outsourcing projects in Latvia and Lithuania, including those of the Lattelecom Group for the design and maintenance of IT systems for ensuring the provision of data centre services and corporate customer service.
  • The Lithuanian branch of Lattelecom Technology is a certified provider of SAP system maintenance services, which enabled the company to expand this service in Lithuania and led to the acquisition of a number of corporate customers, as well as to cooperation on several euro changeover projects. The IT systems of a number of corporate customers were successfully prepared and changed over to the euro at the end of the year. Clearly, such deals have helped expand the activities of the company in the Baltic market.
  • In 2014, Lattelecom Technology provided data centre services to international as well as Latvian corporate customers in the data centres of the Lattelecom group, including the newly established Lattelecom TIER III data centre Dattum, which has obtained the TIER III compliance certificate of the Uptime Institute (USA) under the Operational Sustainability requirements. The service staff of the data centre are also certified to operate the centre according to the prescribed safety requirements.


  • Lithuanian branch office is granted  SAP certification enabling the company to provide system maintenance services.
  • Lattelecom TIERIII data centre DATTUM is developed.
  • Project "Lattelecom Customer e-Mail Platform Upgrade" is commenced; the project is due for completion in 2014.
  • Projects completed: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia, National Health Service, State Land Service and State Treasury (state uniform budget planning and execution IT systems).


  • The company's Lithuanian branch office is registered in Lithuania.
  • Several large scale projects are implemented in Latvia and Lithuania
  • SAP certification is received which enables the company to undertake the management of the manufacturers licences in Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Document management system DocLogix is developed to meet the needs of the government sector.
  • IT resource optimisation work is ongoing.


  • The company commences implementation of national system development projects aimed at the State Environmental Service (VVD) and Health Economics Centre.


  • In September, ten information and communications technology companies operating in Latvia, including also Lattelecom Technology and four academic partners, joined to form SIA Centre of IT Competency (ITCC). The Centre of IT Competency aims to build the competitiveness of the merchants through fostering cooperation between research and industry sectors in carrying out further research work, and in developing new products and technologies.


  • From 16 – 23 August, four school children from Latvia participate in the International IT Olympics in Egypt. The participation of these school children is enabled by Lattelecom Technology.
  • In June, Lattelecom Technology is acknowledged as the official SAP representative in Lithuania.
  • In February, Lattelecom enters into an agreement with Indra Sistemas S.A., the leading Spanish IT company, concerning the installation of Latvia’s coastal surveillance system. The Project is implemented jointly by the Lattelecom Group companies Citrus Solutions, Lattelecom Technology and Lattelecom.
  • In January, Lattelecom Technology commences the supply of computer hardware and multifunctional devices to more than 800 public libraries.


  • In December, the Lattelecom Group company Lattelecom Technology installs the wireless network designed for use by the Children’s ClinicalUniversityHospital at no charge to the user.
  • On 26 and 27 October, for the second year in succession, the IT Olympics of students of secondary schools and higher educational establishments is held, which is organised by the Lattelecom Group company Lattelecom Technology in association with Hansabank and Microsoft.
  • On 15 August, the Lattelecom Group companies Lattelecom BPO and Lattelecom Technology, in association with Datorikas institūts DIVI, accommodate the online New Riga Theatre ticket booking system through creating a section  www.biletes.1188.lv on the 1188 Inquiries homepage
  • In April, Lattelecom Technology participates in the 11th International Forum „Baltic IT&T 2007”, where within the framework of the session „Security and Identity Management” the company is acknowledged as the Forum’s partner, and conducts a presentation „Mobile Identity and Mobile Authentication.


  • In December, IT Programming Olympics for School Children and University Students is completed.
  • Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija is awarded ISO 9001 certification.
  • Lattelecom Technology data transmission network is sold to IZZI.
  • On May 18, based on Lattelecom Group Business Strategy, the legal name of    SIA MicroLink Latvia is changed to SIA Lattelecom Technology.


  • In November, Lattelekom is acknowledged as the sole owner of MicroLink Latvia shares.
  • Hewlett-Packard, in association with MicroLink, organise a conference focused on Information Technology Service Management (ITSM).
  • In August, MicroLink Latvia representatives, within the framework of Latvia’s trade mission, pay a visit to USA to meet with the management of Microsoft.
  • MicroLink Latvia upgrades the data transmission speed enabled by high speed Internet service METRO.
  • In June, MicroLink is declared as the company enjoying the highest reputation in Latvia’s IT sector.
  • MicroLink Latvia participates in the process of implementing the campaign „Donate a Computer to Local Library”.
  • In May, the Shareholders of MicroLink adopt a decision to sell the company to Baltic telecommunications operators.
  • In February, MicroLink enables the politicians of the Baltic States to hold a video conference.


  • In November, Microlink Latvia moves offices over to the new office building in Skanstes iela 13.
  • MicroLink Latvija launches an alternative international Internet channel, thereby, as Lattelekom, Latvenergo and Telia Latvia, the company is now in a position to enable the exchange of customer data via an international data transmission channel owned by itself.
  • Microlink enters into the highest value transaction since the establishment of the company – a 5M EUR agreement concerning the installation of mySAP business solution designed for use by Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways).
  • In February, MicroLink launches the first public high speed fibre optic data transmission network in the Baltics.


  • On 15 December, MicroLink enters into an agreement with Norwegian company Findexa Forlag AS concerning the sale of the Baltic portal Delfi to the latter.
  • Commencing from 1 December, Microlink Latvia provides a new high speed Internet service METRO to customers in Riga.
  • In October, MicroLink Latvia launches a new document management solution DocLogix.
  • In July, MicroLink Latvia Group companies are consolidated within a single company: the three MicroLink companies registered in Latvia – MicroLink Systems, MicroLink Data and MicroLink ServIT– are merged into a single legal company which is named MicroLink Latvia.
  • In April, one of the world’s leading business solutions vendors SAP AG grants MicroLink the highest possible status in the Baltics – a SAP Alliance Partner.
  • In February, MicroLink and Alna, the leading IT company in Lithuania, make public the intent to establish a joint venture so as to enable the development of the document management system DocLogix.


  • Microlink is acknowledged as a Sun Microsystems representative in the Baltic States.
  • On 9 September, the Microlink holding companies operating in Latvia change their name to Microlink; Fortech is named MicroLink Systems.
  • In March, Fortech is acknowledged as the first company in Latvia, the competence of which is proven through gaining the world’s software giant’s Microsoft Gold Partner status which is Microsoft’s highest certification level.


  • Fortech is merged into the Estonian holding company MicroLink, thereby enabling establishment of the largest information technology group in the Baltics. The Group’s companies employ more than 600 specialists; the company’s annual total turnover constitutes more than 60M EUR.
  • The company’s quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.


  • Fortech is acknowledged as a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner.


  • A joint venture is established by and between Fortech and the Estonian holding company MicroLink. The key area of operation of the newly established joint venture Microlink Datori – manufacturing of computers.


  • Acquisition of the HP Corporate Reseller status enables Fortech to offer UNIX based IT solutions.
  • The company launches a new and attractive product of local origin – SAF wireless digital data transmission systems.


  • SAP – the world’s leading business management systems vendor – acknowledges Fortech as a SAP R/3 Implementation Partner.
  • A Fortech subsidiary is opened in Vilnius, Lithuania.


  • An IT training company Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija is established (initially named Soft-Tronik).


  • Fortech enters the market with in-house designed accounting software system Apvārsnis.
  • A Fortech computer hardware and communications appliances retail outlet is opened.


  • Fortech is established. The company headcount constitutes 6 persons. The company’s key areas of operation are: sale of personal computers, software development, software localisation in Latvian and Russian, and the development of accounting software.