About Helio Media

Helio Media is Lattelecom’s subsidiary that creates and develops unique television content for Lattelecom TV and offers it to the customers of other operators as well. With 360TV and STV Pirmā!, Lattelecom has become the first Latvian telecommunications company that has entered the niche of development of television content.

360TV is the first HD television channel in Latvia with a unique concept of content — every day of the week is dedicated to one of the seven topics. The channel offers the latest tendencies in the spheres of culture, sports, cinema, lifestyle and other and promotes the share of content created in Latvia on TV channels. Every day the audience of 360TV can view the show “Think Tank” (“Domnīca”), as well as films and life stories of world-famous people.

The TV channel STV Pirmā!, in turn, is created for women. The channel offers shows created in Latvia led and visited by local celebrities and their families, as well as popular films and the latest episodes of shows and broadcasts.

Along with Lattelecom TV channels, advertising business is also developed. Currently, the Interactive television of Lattelecom and channels represented by Lattelecom — Fox, Fox Life, National Geographic and Nickelodeon — have become a successful marketing communication channel. Starting January 2016, the channel RīgaTV24 has become a part of the advertising business portfolio of Helio Media.

Starting January 2017, the most popular Latvian inquiry services 1188 joins Helio Media channels. Inquiry information is made available to customers either through calling or sending a SMS to telephone number 1188, or on the Internet portal www.1188.lv, or through a mobile application available for iOS or Android.



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SIA Helio Media
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