Virtual server hosting

Virtual server hosting is an economically viable method, enabling your company to use modern and highly efficient services. The Lattelecom data centre virtual server hosting facilities enable Lattelecom to carry out the necessary IT system development and maintenance work, allowing also time efficient upgrade or downgrade of these systems appropriate to the specific needs of the customer, whereby the customer does not have to make any capital investment in the development and maintenance of the relevant server park. 

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Main service benefits:

  • Economically advantageous;
  • Fast speed delivery of the service;
  • Resources tailored to the customer’s business requirements;
  • Flexible  IT costs which allow to implement new business initiatives;
  • Continuity of operation, and system availability and management 24/7;
  • Conformity with top technical and security standards;
  • Helpdesk services provided by highly qualified experts and certified consultants.


Virtual server hosting service includes

  • Allocation and management of VCPU/RAM/HDD resources;
  • Internet access up to 10 Gbps;
  • Individual  IP address allocated to each virtual server;
  • System operations management 24/7, which includes capacity monitoring (CPU, RAM, HDD) and availability monitoring (HTTP, FTP, POP3, etc.);
  • Data backup to a remote data centre (implemented at the customer’s request);
  • Installation of the relevant software appropriate to the customer’s needs (Linux, Microsoft, etc.);
  • Installation of the relevant operating system and standard software updates;
  • Creation of backup copies of all data stored on the virtual server appropriate to the customer’s data backup policy guidelines;
  • At a request of the customer - modifications to the existing virtual server resources implemented within one working day;
  • Availability of helpdesk services 24/7 (by phone or via e-mail).


Supplementary services:

    • Allocation of additional resources;
    • Firewall.
  • OS level SLA.


The service solution enables the meeting of business class system capacity and availability indicators (for more detail please see the below table):

Virtual server hosted on virtualisation platform Monthly availability %
99.7 % - 24h x 7d
Permitted downtime (hours, per month)
2h - 24h x 7d
Impact of the problem: Response time: Fault clearance time:
Critical 1 h 2 h
Medium 1 h 10 h
Low 3 h 3 d

The service is provided using high availability server system, namely, ensuring 99.8% system availability a month (maximum 2h downtime a month in case of system failure) which is hosted within a single data centre, and enables data backup to an other data centre.