Data backup services

In today’s electronic environment, companies regard business continuity as a highly significant issue, where the security of the company’s critical data is considered to be one of the most important factors affecting business. Considering the increasing  amount of data and the importance of this data in business we are in a position to develop a strategy as to how to maintain the data up-to-date, how to store the data and how to recover the data in case of an emergency situation.

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Main benefits of our service:

  • Secure and fast creation and storage of data backups;
  • Data backup storage across geographically separated Lattelecom Data Centres;
  • Quality infrastructure enabling remote data backup;
  • Helpdesk services provided by qualified experts and certified consultants.

Gains enjoyed by client:

  • Quality data protection against deletion of, or damage to data;
  • Recovery of the company’s IT infrastructure operations in case of system failure;
  • High data security levels (including physical security and fire safety);
  • Data archive enabling long-term storage of data.


Short service description

Lattelecom data backup service includes:

  • Determination of data backup policy guidelines appropriate to the customer’s needs;
  • Development and introduction of a custom-built data backup solution;
  • Backup script and change management;
  • Creation of data backup copies, including the setting up and management of the data archive;
  • Data recovery using backup copies.

The service is provided using the central data storage facilities, and the relevant data backup and recovery devices and management software. The data backup system enables automatic, fast and secure creation and storage of data backup copies. The system enables storage of data backup copies onto high capacity hard discs thus ensuring optimum balance between the service price and quality. The system also includes automatic magnetic tape data storage facility enabling physical data archiving. 

Data backup and recovery can be applied to:

  • Systems;
  • Databases;
  • Files;
  • Applications.

Key data backup methods:

  • Server Snapshot backup;
  • File backup;
  • DB data&log backup.

Depending on the selected backup type and method, the client may have to obtain the relevant data backup licence or to install additional software.