IT resource rental

Today it is hard to imagine that a modern company can be run without using information systems. However, not all companies, especially newly emerging companies, are in a position to invest in the development of their own IT infrastructure. In such case, the most optimum solution would be to rent the necessary IT resources.

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Lattelecom provides a full spectrum of IT resource rental services, enabling the customer to take advantage of the latest IT technologies and solutions, paying the stated rental fee. The customer can choose between common-use system resources, such as massive arrays of idle disks, data backup libraries, SAN, and NAS, or systems that are used solely to meet the needs of the particular customer, or to use system administrator services.

We have well-established cooperation with such IT equipment manufacturers as HP, Sun Microsystems, IBM, DELL, Cisco, Huawei, etc. The IT resource rental service also allows the customer to use diverse software based solutions (e.g., Microsoft or Oracle based solutions)

The IT resource rental service also offers additional benefit to large companies engaged in the development and/or restructuring of large-scale information systems. In such case, the Lattelecom IT resource rental service offers the relevant production environment that is often needed only for as long as the relevant project is being developed.

Lattelecom system engineers will not only undertake the installation of the system, but will also carry out the daily system maintenance and administration work. The Lattelecom data centre solutions ensure the most optimum environment enabling quality operation of the systems.

Our system engineers will not only develop the system but also carry out the daily management and administration work. Our data centre solutions allow us to ensure the most optimum environment enabling use of these systems.

Service benefits:

  • Resources are tailored to the customer’s business needs – the customer pays only for the necessary capacity;
  • Flexible IT costs which allow to advance the implementation of new business initiatives;
  • Continuity of operation, and availability and management of IT systems  24/7;
  • Conformity with top technical and security standards;
  • Helpdesk services provided by qualified experts and certified consultants.

Gains enjoyed by customer:

  • No investments are required with respect to the procurement of the  equipment, development of virtualisation platforms, acquisition of licences, system maintenance and accommodation of server rooms;
  • The customer’s  IT infrastructure is managed within a secure data centre;
  • Possibility to set up and rent a service development or test environment for the stated period of time;
  • Flexible and fast allocation of IT resources subject to the customer’s needs.