IT system administration

IT system administration service allows the company to focus only on its core business, passing over the responsibility for the management and development of IT systems to such company that has profound expertise in this area.

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Main benefits of our service:

  •  A service tailored to the needs of each separate client;
  • Access to the latest and most up-to-date technologies;
  • Continuity, availability and management of system operations 24/7;
  • System planning, implementation and management works are carried out by engaging industry experts and/or such highly skilled specialists that are duly certified by the manufacturers of the relevant systems and equipment;
  • Helpdesk services provided by qualified experts and duly certified consultants;
  • Single point of contact responsible for the whole process, from the installation of IT systems to the development, installation and administration of the relevant infrastructure.

Gains enjoyed by client by outsourcing IT system management:

  • Reduction of operating costs, as no investments have to be directed towards the management and development of IT staff
  • More efficient use of the company’s resources
  • Lower risks relating to IT staff competence, or vacation leaves and/or termination of employment contract of IT staff
  • IT system maintenance works are easy to adjust, decreasing or increasing their quantity in line with the company’s business needs
  • Easy to forecast and review IT costs.

The Lattelecom IT system administration service includes administration of the operating server and database system, as well as installation and administration of the necessary applications.

Management and administration of servers

Management and administration of operating server systems:

  • Installation and management of the manufacturer supported operating systems and associated software components in line with the relevant SLA parameters;
  • Installation of the relevant operating system and software upgrades and modifications, and periodical updating of these systems and software in line with the manufacturers instructions or appropriate to the customers IT policy guidelines;
  • Change of the operating system and software parameters, as well as regular communication with the representatives of the software developers;
  • 24h management of the operating systems software;
  • Proactive fault clearance and incident clearance;
  • Monitoring of used and available server capacity.

Management and administration of database management system servers:

  • Installation and periodical update of the existing database software in line with the manufacturers requirements or appropriate to the customers IT policy guidelines;
  • Initial database system configuration setup;
  • Database management appropriate to the stated SLA terms;
  • Database access, capacity and performance management;
  • Periodical database capacity analysis and drawing up of the relevant recommendations as to the necessary improvements;
  • Performance monitoring work as to the implementation of the relevant procedures and instructions;
  • User administration; creation of special system user accounts;
  • Relevant support services, enabling quality installation of third party equipment and software;
  • Proactive fault diagnostics and clearance 24 h;
  • Incident clearance.

Management and administration of applications:

  • Installation of applications and the relevant components;
  • Application management work carried out in accordance with the relevant SLA terms;
  • Monitoring work relating to the routine performance of the applications (analysis of the monitoring reports; processing of error reports; log file analysis);
  • Monitoring work relating to the availability and capacity of the applications;
  • Installation of necessary upgrades, modifications and updates;
  • Communication with the relevant software manufacturers upon detecting software code faults;
  • Incident and fault clearance 24 h;
  • Drawing up proposals, suggesting performance improvement measures and optimum use of the existing applications.

Considering the experience in providing quality programming services, Lattelecom is in a position to also provide applications code management services including:

  • Rectification of the software code errors;
  • Consultations concerning the existing software functionality, benefits and limitations;
  • Supply of the relevant software appropriate to the previously agreed principles;
  • Software change analysis and drawing up of proposals as to how to implement these changes;
  • Implementation of the necessary changes in line with the duly approved proposal and implementation plan;
  • Testing of the newly implemented changes and rectification of errors;
  • Post warranty services.