International data services

Is your company's main office located in one of the Baltic countries, but its branches – in the others?  

Branch collaboration can be significantly improved by the ability to use a unified data base, with centrally managed telephone conversations and e-mail correspondence, which is provided by the corporate data transmission network in the Baltic countries using the network infrastructure of the Lattelecom Baltic Network.

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  • Development of a network solution for data transmission according to individual customer needs (IP voice, data, video file broadcast, and access to the internet);
  • A variety of modern data transmission technologies are used (MPLS VPN, ATM, Frame Relay, Digital Lease Line);
  • According to your choice – a variety of quality classes or QoS (Quality of Service), which allow you to select and organize your company's transmittable data according to its priority, transmission quality, and type of IT service to be used;
  • The required network devices and software (including rental or lease to purchase and service);
  • Solutions also allow customers to monitor their own networks and network devices in real time by using a special portal.