The IP VPN (virtual private network) is the fastest and most efficient way of organising the merging of a company's branches into a single business network.

This way, a high level of security can be achieved in the single business network. Lattelecom’s broad infrastructure ensures scalability, which widens your opportunities to quickly make changes to your company's branch network in today's dynamic circumstances.

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MPLS VPN solutions provide efficient routing between branches in the Lattelecom infrastructure and include these components:

  • Development of a technical plan for the network and implementation of the solution;
  • The necessary devices and software for the network (including the rental of);
  • Maintenance and administration of the network solution;
  • Reports about the solution's accessibility and quality indicators.

The solutions developed by Lattelecom allow for the ability to classify transmittable data according to the type of IT service and to set their priority, thus ensuring the appropriate quality of the IT service or QoS (Quality of Service). For additional security, encryption of transmittable data is also possible.