Remote IP telephony

Remote IP telephony — an opportunity to use an office exchange located at the service provider. This solution ensures modern IP telephony services especially suited for companies with a large number of branches and departments and several decentralised offices.

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Remote office exchange solution is:

  • Easy to use and expand because making changes in the network is simple and requires relatively small investment;
  • Compatible with the softwares used at companies, for example, customer relationship management programs, Microsoft software, etc.

When opting for the office exchange solution, you also get:

Control and quality:

  • Communication network monitoring and service quality control 24 hours a day;
  • Guaranteed quality — the access network and the operation and quality parameters of the centralised office exchange is maintained and provided 24 hours a day by one and the same service provider — Lattelecom.


  • Low initial investment — the office exchange does not have to be purchased and installed;
  • Low operation costs — the office exchange does not require maintenance and electric supply;
  • Simple network infrastructure — a single network for both voice and data solutions;
  • Innovation opportunities — you immediately get all the latest and advanced technologies. Lattelecom introduces these technologies to the office exchange platform thus saving the client’s time and money.
  • Flexible development opportunities — as the company grows, you do not have to modify the office exchange or buy a new one;
  • An opportunity to use communication infrastructure (SIP phones, exchanges and gateways) produced by various manufacturers.


  • Bigger functionality — the remote telephony solution ensures bigger functionality; furthermore, it is easy to add new features (video calls, web conferences, instant messaging, etc.) as soon as they become necessary;
  • Seamless transition to the latest versions of technology and early recovery of investment;
  • A solution which is easily compatible with the existing infrastructure in the company.

Continuous and additional security:

  • When introducing an IP technology solution, you can optimise the traditional telephony connections and use them as backup communication lines, thus securing your company against interruptions in operation that might arise due to unexpected failures in the communication network.


  • Lattelecom professionalism, long-term experience in installation of telephony solutions and its leading role in the Baltic IT&T market.