Back-office processing

Lattelecom provides processing of back-office work assignments on behalf of the Client’s company. Back-office work assignments from the Client or its customers may come in via e-mail, fax, SMS or Internet. 

Transaction information and results are entered either into Lattelecom or Client’s database, as well as handed over to the Client. Under the service the Client also receives standard statistics about the processing of data.

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The service is customised to support the Client’s business processes, and provided in line with the service quality criteria specified by the Client.


  • Large quantities of data processed within a short time period;
  • Easy to measure and monitor customer service in the e-mail, Internet and SMS channels;
  • Transparent service costs;

  • Steady, measurable and controllable service quality;
  • Professional consultations;
  • Responsibility for the employees’ workload and technology maintenance lies firmly with the outsourcing service provider.

Service characteristics:

  • Receipt of customer feedback;
  • Obtaining more accurate customer data;
  • Database updates;
  • Billing activation;
  • Information summary.

Customer data may also be checked against the existing Lattelecom database. Service is provided in two languages – Latvian and Russian.