Since 2004 we are developing training courses based on the individual order of the customer. The already existing training materials of the customer are used in development of the E-training courses as well as completely new ones are developed. The needs and purposes of training of the customer are considered when developing the E-training courses.

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Development of the E-training courses is organised in four stages:

1. Analysis: defining the goals of training and needs of the audience, accurate definition of the work assignment.

2. Design: development of the E-training course structural plan by accurately defining training elements that help simple and effective mastering of training material. 

3. Development:

  • Development of the E-training course prototype;
  • Development of the E-training materials;
  • Placing of the E-training materials into the E-training course;
  • Testing and error elimination.

4. Delivery: Placing the E-training course into the E-training environment or elsewhere according to the instructions of the customer.

Each stage of the E-training course development and the final result of the stage is agreed with the customer.

The E-training courses developed by us are characterised by professionally developed training materials that include:

  • Easily perceptible text material with images and visual elements;
  • Computer environment simulations accompanied by a narrator’s voice;
  • Filmed lectures and other video materials;
  • Interactive plays of situations and scenarios;
  • Automatically assessable test questions and tests.