Training management services

We offer the following training management services:

  • Determining the training needs for the company and employees;
  • Development of recommendations for organising the learning process and improvement;
  • Development of the training management system usage concept;
  • Company learning management system development and implementation;
  • Company training organisers, e-course developer and teacher training;
  • E-course development according to the needs of the company.

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Training management can be successfully automated using a special programme - Learning Management System (LMS).We are specifically specialised in the use and implementation of the Learning Management System (LMS).

It is an open source platform, which has become the industry standard in business, as well as in the academic environment throughout the world. Training management is provided by the internet-based user interface, which can be displayed on the company’s intranet as well as the internet.

Some of the key benefits of introducing an LMS

1. The possibility to quickly and effectively organise the training of a large number of people.

For example, an organisation with several hundred employees needs to disseminate information on the use of new computer systems or another relevant subject.

The Learning Management System can create a simple e-course in which the necessary information is provided. The e-course is provided for employees, for whom the information is current and necessary, and the accompanying test allows to check that the information given to the employee is successfully mastered. The LMS training manager receives a report of the results.

Training can take place regardless of a person’s location. This is useful in a situation where it is impossible to gather employees in one place for training. A company, with branch offices in different countries, can provide remote training via the LMS.

2. Acquisition of required work knowledge and maintenance thereof. 

For example, when taking on a new employee, it is necessary to provide work training for the processes and systems used. If the necessary training is to be prepared as an e-course, using the LMS, the employee will be able to independently acquire vocational knowledge and skills, without having to wait until the personnel department has assembled a group of students and/or found a teacher.