Custom-built solutions

Lattelecom Technology specialists have the relevant expertise enabling them to tailor the software to the customer’s needs, starting from concept development to system installation and staff training, ensuring also copyright protection and maintenance of the newly designed system, as well as its future development. We also provide complex IT systems which consist of several solutions and integration of these systems with the company’s existing systems.    

Lattelecom Technology has accumulated significant experience dealing with   Microsoft and Oracle applications.

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Software development and installation projects are implemented using several methods. The most optimum method is selected subject to the key factors affecting the project:  

  1. Waterfall model  – strict observation of the stated project phases and deliverables
  2. Iterative model – the project is broken down in phases according to functional delivery principle, where each delivery is implemented on full lifecycle terms  
  3. Agile Modeling  – less formal but efficient method especially suitable in situation when all system requirements are not known in the initial phase of the project.

Key competences: analysis and design, consulting, and project design, development, integration, administration and maintenance of the relevant architecture.