DocLogix system

Lattelecom Technology is a DocLogix UAB partner with more than 9 years of expertise in dealing with the installation of document management systems.  Each year during the Partner Seminar UAB DocLogix grants the Gold Partner status to the previous year’s most valuable and serious partners.

DocLogix is an electronic information and document management solution which enables the implementation of the organisation’s document preparation, exchange   and storage processes – a document’s full lifecycle implementation. The solution is an electronic tool by which the organisation can optimise work processes and reduce the time period commencing from the moment the relevant decision is made until implementation of this decision. DocLogix provides the organisation with the possibility to improve and modify the work processes using also such employees who do not have the relevant programming expertise. At the organisation’s level, the solution provides the opportunity to integrate all of the organisation’s documents, e-mails, reports, contacts and procedures within a single system, thus attaining time and cost savings.

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The system is designed considering the daily activities of the users and the organisation’s internal processes.

Time efficiency and business process control:

  • Tasks and workflows allow to control document exchange processes;
  • Fully automated document registration and exchange;
  • Full integration with MS Office software;
  • Documents are prepared using templates;
  • Use of e-signature.

Efficient exchange of information and sharing of the knowhow:

  • Possibility to create information portals focused on stated work teams;
  • Possibility to accumulate and efficiently use the company’s or organisations knowhow;
  • Possibility to time efficiently and purposefully circulate valuable company or organisation information.

Attractive work environment:

  • Well thought over document warehouse management;
  • Easy and fast document search;
  • Time efficient publishing of information;
  • Easy use with user friendly interfaces (easy to use by any employee of the organisation);
  • System administration is implemented by experts with profound programming expertise and skills.

The Partner’s status in the below listed categories proves Lattelecom Technology competence and empowers to offer  the following DocLogix system related services:

  • DocLogix  system installation;
  • DocLogix  licence sales;
  • DocLogix  licence management;
  • DocLogix  system maintenance;
  • System administration;
  • Version upgrades;
  • Training.

Industry experience

 Over these years since we are dealing with the installation of DocLogix systems we have accumulated expertise in implementing various projects which are focused on:

  • Public sector;
  • Service providers;
  • Manufacturing.

Oracle business intelligence

"Oracle Business Intelligence" is one of the world’s leading company information analysis systems. Its main goal is, based on the data accumulated by the company, ensure uniform, transparent, easy to access and use environment enabling efficient organisation of the company’s activities.

Business intelligence tools allow to gain more insight, across the information obtained from various sources and large data quantities, which is regarded necessary for the rectification of the relevant problem.

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Gains: easy to review and up to date information about the company’s key performance indicators, time efficiency, easy drawing up of relevant reports and efficient information exchange