Microsoft Office SharePoint

Microsoft Office SharePoint solutions are designed for use by organisations that deal with large quantities of documents and exchange information at high intensity, and that have several branch offices between which to exchange vital information.  They ensure integrated and proper working environment in the company by standardising and optimising information management processes, as well as accelerates information management process implementation time, thus saving 60% of the time which can be invested in business development.

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  • Efficient daily work enabled by time efficient implementation of the processes;
  • The solution is easy to configure and use;
  • Efficient exchange of documents as electronic documents can be delivered much faster than hard copy documents;
  • Well-informed employees as information is available centrally and not in the format of personal e-mails;
  • Possibility to analyse the obtained data; one file can be dealt with by several persons simultaneously;
  • Fast and efficient data and contact search in the organisation’s archives and databases and on the Internet;
  • Unlimited possibilities to create workflows;
  • Efficient solution enabling creation of the company’s Intranet or website;
  • 24x7x365 availability of solution resources including also using mobile devices;
  • Integrated with  Microsoft products (MS Office, Exchange, InfoPath), providing also the possibility to ensure integration with other software (Dynamics AX, Dynamic CRM, MS SQL, SAP, Oracle, Horizon etc.).


Solution types and functionality

Document management – an information and document management solution which conforms to all relevant regulations and laws of the Republic of Latvia, and enables optimisation of document preparation, exchange and storage processes (also across several organisations)

Human resources management – enables automation of personnel related processes: the employee self-service system, personnel document management, interviewing and surveys, data processing, drawing up of reports, personnel database, company's internal job ads, job ads published on Internet, CV databases, personnel evaluation, ScoreCard monitoring, etc.

Project management – enables automation of project related activities: teamwork environments (blogs, portals, discussions, etc.); tasks and task performance control by measuring the progress of the project; Gantt charts, vortals and discussion sites, management of meetings, etc.


Finance management – a business intelligence solution enabling automation of finance related projects: possibility to jointly deal with financial reports, finance indicator analysis and monitoring, automated verification and approval system, drawing up of, and dispatch of reports

Specific solutions – considering that development of specific SharePoint based solutions significantly reduce the relevant solution costs, Lattelecom Technology offers to design specific solutions focused on: Intranet; the company's cooperation sites and Internet portals and sites; business intelligence; business process management and forms; automation of management, support or core business processes; integration of several systems; content and information management; the company's internal and external cooperation areas.