Personnel, resources and pay management system

Lattelecom Technology personnel management solutions is one of our most innovative personnel management solutions in the Baltics, replacing multiple systems with a single personnel management system, payroll accounting, work time management system and an employee self-service portal. Our extensive (over 15 years) experience with personnel management systems with self-service employee portal development and implementation allows us to provide clients with services which are in line with the best business practices in the Baltics.

The personnel management system is designed to:

  • Increase work effectiveness in the field of personnel management, organising paperless management processes;
  • Ensure the accuracy of documents, creating them automatically;
  • Optimise and automate the business processes of internal staff;
  • Automatically create the information stored in the archive;
  • Give employees the opportunity to serve themselves in the self-service employee portal.

The system is suitable for both companies with fewer employees as well as large companies. The system’s group functionality maximises process efficiency and access to information. The group’s functionality makes it possible to register the parent company subsidiaries in a single database of the system, while at the same time using one application for data processing in which user rights distribution at the levels of the company and division are ensured.

Basic modules and functionality of the system:

Basic modules – personnel management, time management, payroll accounting, and employee self-service portal:

  • Human Resource management module – provides an opportunity to organise, standardise, automate and make the personnel management process more effective;
  • The time management module – provides support to employee work schedule creation and ensures proper work-time data records, provides work-time automated planning, replanning, including employee posting in another work departments and associated records;
  • Pay management module – it is a salary statement with the opportunity to realise a premium and complicated types of deductions, automatically generate tax payments, take leave, sickness and absence time calculations;
  • Employee self-service portal on the internet – the use of which can reduce the personnel and payroll administrator workload by up to 80% and reduces the loss of paper applications by up to 99%. The manager has access to high quality data for decision making.

Additional modules and functionalities of the system:

  • Group functionality;
  • Business trip module;
  • Accessory module and automated patrols page;
  • Work performance and development management;
  • Training and course module;
  • Occupational Safety management module;
  • The premium and bonus module;
  • Vacancies Control Module;
  • Certificate Registration Module;
  • Management reports module;
  • Benefit Management Module;
  • Employee contact phonebook functionality, etc.

The PAVS system architecture provides the ability to perform an unlimited number of integrations with the company’s information systems.


  • Time saving document processing system using the provided electronic forms;
  • Well-organised and easily accessible personnel information;
  • Accurate and timely information concerning employees, from thoughtful and easy to use reports;
  • Employee self-service portal, which provides employees with the opportunity to participate in business processes;
  • The system complies with all the current legislation in the Republic of Latvia;
  • Provides a single process and the introduction of standard documents;
  • The system can be adapted to each company's specific human resource needs in Latvia, the Baltic States, and others.