Installation of SAP systems

Lattelecom Technology is a SAP partner with considerable experience in carrying out SAP system installation works that dates back to 1996.  We have primarily specialised in the installation of SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.

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Company resource management system is trusted and used by both large and medium enterprises to systematise their business management processes so as to:

  • Consolidate business data;
  • Redesign business processes;
  • Time efficiently react to customer demand;
  • Have an edge over competitors with improved financial understanding and results;
  • Use such solution that is based on best industry practices.

Medium enterprises are offered standardised solutions with adjustable default SAP ERP system process configuration which conforms to best industry practices, and allows to significantly reduce installation time and costs.

SAP BusinessObjects BI

A user-friendly data analysis platform that allows future expansion and is designed not only to enable creation of data warehouses and summarise and integrate information but to also allow the drawing up of the analysis of user self-service data orders and interactive data, and support data visualisation and automated exchange of information.  

SAP system maintenance services

Lattelecom Technology has been awarded SAP partner’s status in the following categories:

  • SAP Services Partner;
  • Partner Edge Partner;
  • PCoE Certified Partner.

Partner’s status in the above categories proves Lattelecom Technology competence and empowers to offer the following services relating to the management of SAP systems:

  • Installation of SAP systems;
  • SAP system licence sales;
  • Management of SAP system licences;
  • Maintenance of SAP system applications;
  • System administration;
  • Localisation;
  • Version updates;
  • Training;
  • Helpdesk;
  • System rollout.


Industry know-how

Over this lengthy period of time during which we have been dealing with the installation of SAP systems we have accumulated relevant know-how in implementing various projects using local consulting resources both in Latvia and Lithuania and focusing on:

  • Public sector;
  • Service providers;
  • Production;
  • Sales.